Paleo Challenge

6 Week Challenge

First 21 days must be pure. That means that the exception below regarding alcohol does not apply; any alcohol in the first 21 days is a 5 point deduction. Starting the 22nd day the exception rule applies.

Cheat Day: Starting the 22nd day of the challenge you may have 1 cheat day every 7 days to adjust to maintaining a Paleo lifestyle. “Be 100% Paleo 80% of the time”.


Here is a breakdown on how you can earn points:

+15 points per day that you record everything you consume (food, drink, vitamins, etc…)
+2 for coming to Enabled Body CrossFit for a WOD
+1 for 7+ hours of sleep
+1 for doing 20 mins of extra Mobility (Must be recorded in detail – Spent 2 Min in Couch on Left Leg, 2 Min in Couch on Right Leg, etc…)
+1 for consuming fish oil that contains 500 mg of EPA and DHA per Teaspoon

Lean = .25 Teaspoon/10 lbs of BW
Couple Extra Pounds = .5 Teaspoon/10 lbs of BW
Overweight = 1 Teaspoon/10 lbs of BW

If you are still confused on the amount of fish oil to take – read the following articles: Article 1 Article 2

You can loose points for the following:

-1 for every serving of: deli meat*, bacon*, sausage*, beans, hummus, peanuts, raw agave nectar, raw honey, peas, dried fruit, most salad dressings

-2 for every serving of: dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, butter), soy products

-3 for every serving of: cereal, grains, wheat, oats, corn, tortilla chips, bread, rice, pasta, noodles, hot dogs, quinoa

-4 for every serving of: soda, juice, sports drinks, fried food,  pizza, cookies, baked goods, ice cream, frozen yogurt, sweets, pancakes, ketchup, processed marinades, BBQ sauce, sugar-added dried fruit, beer, and alcoholic drinks, processed honey, processed agave nectar

Exceptions and special rules:

*Deli meats, bacon, and sausage that are minimally processed, contain 0 grams of sugar according to the label and are nitrite and nitrate free will not incur a deduction.

Kerrygold grass-fed and Ghee Clarified Butter will be allowed for minor consumption.

Acceptable sweeteners are stevia and Grade B maple syrup for minor consumption.

An allowance of 2 servings/day of red wine (6 oz), gluten-free cider (12 oz), or tequila (2 oz) are acceptable. Excess of these is -5 points.

As we believe in the recovery benefits of a good quality protein powder and FitAid™, the following will apply. One serving of protein powder in a shake may be consumed per day if it is only sweetened with stevia and pure whey. One FitAid™ may be consumed on WOD days only. Anything in excess of these will be a 2 point deduction.

It should be noted that if you are trying to lose weight these exceptions should be kept to a minimum or none at all.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to ask. If in doubt don’t eat it

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